50% payment on rent for sponsered event is to be made at the time of booking . Remaining 50% to be paid 1 day prior to the function.

Less than 50% payment will be consider as token advance .Balance amount should be pay in a week time.

If the Customer cancels the Booking done One month prior, due to some reason and that time slot has been booked by some other client,MEVA may find them eligible for a refund of 75% of the fee charged from the Customer for the same date. If there is no alternate booking ,the full amount of booking will be forfeited.

Premises facilities can be availed from 5 pm to 10 pm for decorations and its permitted only at the rented portion.

4- hrs A/C will be provided by MEVA. Extra hours will be charged at Rs.10000 per hour

Rules of MEVA related to the usage of WATER /ELECTRICITY /AC /SOUND SYSTEM/ Other premises facilities/parking etc.shall be strictly observed .

Please do not use needles, pins ,tapes to the wall ,floor ,curtains for any kind of decorations and do not damage any MEVA structure and fixtures.

Any damages to chair /table/floor/equipment/facilities in will be assesses by management and the booking customer has to pay such cost of damages.

Normal waste will be handled by.But if any additional bulk food / floor waste and other wastes are encountered ,it shall be removed at the booking customer own expenses or additional payment will be levied if MEVA does that .

MEVA is not responsible for any loss/damage/robbery to your personal belongings.

Marriage Registration is not part of booking. Only marriage receipt will be issued at MEVA and registration has to be performed at the concerned government authorities.

If any technical difficulty happenes in A/C or electrical equipment due to non-intended use, shall not be held responsible.

Alcoholic beverages and cigrettes are strictly prohibited in the premises.

Customer is fully responsible for keeping MEVA premises/usage areas to be clean.

Terms &Booking-TOSS 2020-Mega New Year Eve

Tickets for the event is categorized as

Royal Ticket - Ticket Costs Rs.2000 per person.

Admit One- Ticket Costs Rs.1000 per person.

Couple Ticket - Ticket for couples with discount of 100 on each ticket : Rs1800

Admit three - Ticket for family or group of three with discount of 100 on each ticket : Rs.2700

Admit Five - Ticket for group of five with discount of 100 on each ticket :Rs.4500

Cancellation Policy

Ticket can be Cancelled at any point of time from the booking through email or can be cancelled directly at office.

Refund Policy

This event is a NewYear event and on this occassion we offer special prices for the event.So Refund is not encougraged by Us. However the same ticket is transferable for other customer who is interested to attend.